+ facial fat grafting

If consider facial shape and nose both,
recommend doing facial fat grafting.

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Flat nose rhinoplasty

If nasal bridge and tip is lower than ideal shape,
the face also looks flat.
Flat nose rhinoplasty is to give the face better profile as
improving nasal bridge and tip. 

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Short nose rhinoplasty

Short nose refers to the shape of nose where the nasal tip is turned upwards or
the length of nose is short.
Dr. Cho precisely analyzes the problem and plan the best surgical plans.

Dr. Cho Bae-Jung is specialists with vast experience and know-how.

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Point 1

Ideal ratio is considered.
The most important matters to consider in upturned/short nose rhinoplasty is the extent of nasal flesh extension as well as finding ideally shaped nose according to facial shape and ratio.

Point 2

Because Short nose is not enough skin and has a low nasal skin elasticity, Artificial implants such as I or L shaped silicone is not used for short nose rhinoplasty.
To extend the length of nose, use autologous cartilage or donated cartilage which is more strong and minimizes side effects such as inflammation


Long nose rhinoplasty

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Bulbous nose rhinoplasty 

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Hump nose rhinoplasty

What is hump nose

The definition of a hump nose is when the nasal
bone and cartilage have grown extensively.

Point 1

Nasal hump removal

Point 2

Tip plasty
In case of nasal tip downward.

Point 3

In case of nasal septum deviation. 

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Male rhinoplasty

Men usually consider rhinoplasty not only for
aesthetic reason but also a deviation or hump in the nose.
There is a definite difference between the
male and female nose shape.

The male nose should be charismatic
whereas the female nose should be elegant and refined.
The ideal male’s nasolabial angle
(the angle between lips and nasal tip) is 90 ~ 95 degree. 

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Nasal tip plasty

Lower tip
Nasal thick skin
Wide tip cartilage

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Columella correction

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Revision rhinoplasty

Dr. Cho Bae-Jung’s revision.
Revision is a surgery with higher level of
difficulty compared to the primary rhinoplasty.
Dr. Cho will give you better result with a
variety of technique and 21 years know-how.   

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Contracted nose treatment

Contracted nose / Upturned nose / Short nose – A contracted nose is a slightly turned-up and stubby nose.
One of side effect from silicone implant is contracted nose.  

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