after nose surgery

Cautions​ img ico 01
2Cautions​ img ico 01


Please keep cold pads for 3 days after surgery. 
(around the eyes and around the cheeks)
Foment for 15 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.
This helps to relieve swelling.
Please foment warm after 3 days of surgery.
(help to remove swelling quickly)

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Normal cleansing is possible
after removal of stitches,
and makeup is possible from this time.

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Stitches removal

The stitches removal will conducted within
 4 – 7 days. (Nurse will guide you)


After surgery, you should be treated
daily for5 – 7 days after surgery.
if you can not come to get treatment,
you can adjustthe treatment date after
consultation with the clinic

Treatment hours:
Weekdays11:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am ~ 3:00 pm

You will be treated in the order of
arrival and maycause you to wait

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Do not skip prescribed
medicines and take them after meals.
Take painkiller medication when you feel pain.
Since Teramycin ointment prescribed
here is an ointment for antibiotics and
anti-inflammatory agents, please apply
thinly using cotton swab twice a day for
one week on the wound area after surgery.
(Nurse will guide you).

If you rub badly while applying ointment,
it may be a cause of injury, so apply softly.


It is better sitting rather then lying not to
swell too much after the surgery.
when sleeping, keep your pillow high,
and a light stroll will help blood circulation.

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Blood and snivel

After surgery, the blood and snivel can
come out from the nose, just wipe away the
flow and do not touch your nose.

Cast (nasal splint) removal

Cast removal is between 4 – 5 days and you
must be careful not to hit your
nose after removing cast. 

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for 4 weeks after surgery.

heavy exercise
wearing glasses or googles
touching nose

Slowing the rate of recovery and
possibly causing other inflammation.

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