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Real Review 01

KOKO Real review 01

How can I describe my journey here at koko plastic surgery clinic with another word than amazing? Well, I can’t.
This process has been such a roller-coaster with a lot of pressure and doubt, but the one thing I am sure of and will never regret is that I choose for Dr. Cho Bae-Jung.
My search for the right doctor and clinic started two years ago and I wen mad sometimes because of the amount of choice.
Finally, in Seoul I had consultations with several clinics, however, Dr. Cho was the most honest and experienced I have spoken. He showed a lot of care and was very informative. So the choice was quickly made!
The surgery went really well as did the post-operative care.
This whole journey went better than I could ever imagine and the results are already fantastic! and this is all thanks to Dr. Cho bae Jung and his team!
I would 100% recommend KOKO plastic surgery clinic.

KOKO_Rhinoplasty 01

Real Review 02

KOKO Real review 02

Dear Dr. Cho Bae-Jung & KOKO plastic surgery group,
Thank you for everything!! I really love my new nose!
I was so hesitant to come to country where I couldn’t speak the language, but after researching multiple plastic surgeons in America, Australia and South Korea, I was impressed to Dr. Cho’s work.
Dr. Cho was a bit intimidating at first but he spend more than a hour clearing the consult to explain every little detail.
The staff was also very accommodating and tried to communicate with me every step of the way.
I don’t think my other surgeon would spend so much time with his patients – clearing the consult or the actual procedure time. Dr. Cho Bae Jung payed attention to the details, the result of that is a very nature nose !!
He really listened to what I wanted and I am forever grateful.
He also treated out to be very kindly & friendly.
Forever grateful, A happy customer. 

KOKO_Rhinoplasty 01

Real Review 03

KOKO Real review 03

“My experience at KOKO Plastic surgery clinic” was very comfortable.
The Dr. Cho Bae-Jung is very precise at his work and he knew what was best for my face. So it was easy for me to believe in him.
The nurses were very nice as well which made my experience here so much better
Thank you so much”

KOKO_Rhinoplasty 01


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